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Are You Tired of Pills, Side-Effects, and Doctors Who Tell You There is Nothing That Can Help Your Health Condition?

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At Our Free Dinner Talk Dr. Nguyen Will Share:

  • Why you continue to suffer with thyroid symptoms, despite taking thyroid hormones and/or having normal test results.
  • Simple things you can do on your own to improve your thyroid symptoms.
  • How to live a life free of fatigue and other thyroid symptoms.

Our goal is to have you walk away with things you can take action on immediately that will start to give you relief.

Our patients know that there is a better approach than taking medications and hoping things get better.

Yours in health,

Diem T. Nguyen, DC , PSc.D

*Dr Nguyen is licensed under the PMA and provides services to members only.

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Dr. Nguyen is licensed under the Pastoral Medical Association and provides services to members only.
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