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Glysen (K-1) OUT OF STOCK


Glysen is intended to support sugar metabolism and its peripheral utilization, as well as help buffer the glycemic response. It also helps maintain blood sugar levels already within the normal range. This formula has meticulously selected herbs, vitami

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Adaptocrine (K-2) OUT OF STOCK


Adaptocrine supports the body when temporarily under stress or feeling energetically spent. This product is designed to support both physical and mental functionality through the use of carefully selected phytonutrients and plant enzymes. Key ingredien

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Opticrine (K-3) OUT OF STOCK


Opticrine is intended to support sexual performance, the reproductive system, the related endocrine system, and vitality. It incorporates high-quality herbs, minerals, and plant-based enzymes. This product is also an excellent source of zinc.

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Thyraxis-PT (K-30) OUT OF STOCK


Thyraxis-PT supports the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid (HPT) axis with a unique formulation of carefully selected glandulars and mineral and nutritional compounds. This formula also incorporates nutrients that may support thyroid hormones and the pitui

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X-Viromin (K-31)


X-Viromin (K31) may offer immune support through a combination of astragalus and licorice extracts. Key ingredients include immune system glands, such as thymus, parotid, and spleen. Other ingredientssuch as lemon balm extract, pomegranate fruit extrac

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H-PLR is intended to support the immune system with a selection of powerful phytonutrient extracts. It also incorporates compounds that are intended to support the gastrointestinal terrain and intestinal mucosal immunity. Key ingredients include oregan

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Cerenity PM


Cerenity PM is a comprehensive formula created for patients experiencing occasional sleeplessness. Cerenity PM promotes a healthy sleep cycle by naturally boosting levels of serotonin, GABA and melatonin.

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GlutaShield is designed to promote the health and barrier function of the gastrointestinal lining. Its unique formula includes nutrients that support the gut mucosal epithelium.

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The InflammaCORE drink mix provides wholesome macronutrition and the proper base of nutrients to help maintain normal inflammatory response.

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Adaptogen-R3 is a premier, invigorating formula that promotes the entire adaptogenic process, including whole body rejuventation. This product features several key, nutraceutical blends. Rhodiola Pro Blend features the famous botanicals: Rhodiola Ros

thumb 2167 AloeMannan FX 2


This organic Aloe vera is meticulously grown on a tropical volcanic island. At the time of harvest, it is immediately processed using a proprietary freeze drying method to maximally preserve the shortchain, immune-supporting polysaccharide called acemanna

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Coral Legend Plus


This coral-based formula provides legendary mineral support for the bones, joints, teeth and an optimal alkaline pH. Coral Legend Plus features Coral MinUltra which contains premier quality calcium and magnesium from Sango marine coral minerals with an i

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